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      Our Customers Say:

      • Just wanted to give a big thanks for the order! Arrived in record time, and appreciate the bonus ... read more


      • Gday manny received fj40 order today and all is there and everything is perfect thanks for your help ... read more

        cheers luke

      • Great Customer Service !!! It is nice to find a company that has Integrity !!! Thank You !!!

        Tim Fox

      • I just recieved my first order from CCOT - It got here in one day - !!! - and It was exactly right! ... read more

        Wayne Doyle

      • Thanks again for your awesome service - I'm a big fan of your shop. You're really helping me ... read more

        Cheers, Brad

      • Thanks, you guys rock!


      • By the way....you guys are awesome at Coolcruisers.


      • Manny .....Radiator was waiting for me when I got home Fri. P.M. .....all new hoses ( from a ... read more


      • I received my order in record time and have already installed the parts - perfect fit! Thanks much.


      • Thank you, Manny. By the way. I love the new lift. WOW! It's awesome!


      • Thank you. The rear quarter panels arrived safe and sound. Better than I had hoped for. I'll be ... read more


      • Great customer service!!!! Keep it up!!!!!


      • I have finished installing all of my CoolCruiser weatherstrip around both front doors and the three ... read more


      • I just finished installing my CCOT Replica gas tank, and it's one of the best fitting ... read more


      • Just whant to say thank you to all at ccot received my order and it is great to deal with such a ... read more

        Quartus Reyneke

      • I have restored a number of cars as a hobby. The restoration process of my FJ40 however has been ... read more

        Jan, Dubai, UAE

      • I just wanted to really thank Coolcruisers for all of your help with everything. Everything you ... read more

        Alistair Parr

      • Hi there,have received my order today, thanks for your excellent service. The parts are perfect, ... read more

        Peter Foster

      • Just a note to thank you for the excellent parts and service. The order arrived in Montana in 3 ... read more

        Thanks again, Kirk

      • I got the parts I ordered. They are fantastic! Nice quality and they appear to fit well. Thanks for ... read more

        Blair Bishop

      • Thank you for your amazing help, I received my order today and am very happy with your service and ... read more

        Big Cheers from Australia, Tony

      • Just wanted to say Thank You! I won a set of FJ-40 Window hinges Cool Cruisers donated to the Raffle ... read more




      • Just letting you know that I received my order today. Can't believe how quick it came. Thank you ... read more


      • Just installed my designer HFS lift kit and love it.


      • Just wanted to thank you for making this replacement gas tank available. Fits a 1976 FJ40 ... read more


      • Thanks guys I just received my order everything looks spot on.. I appreciate your awesome packing ... read more


      • FYI, the last shipment from you arrived today and as expected, the quality of the parts is ... read more

        Cheers, Robert, UAE

      • Manny, Radiator install went great and FJ60 is running cool again thanks to Cool Cruisers! ... read more

        Semper Fidelis, Chris

      • just wanted to let you know the parcel arrived today with no issues. Top quality parts and truly ... read more

        Cheers, Robert, Dubai

      • Parcel arrived today thank you. The rear door repair sections look great.

        Cheers, Lawrence from Australia

      • Just wanted to say thanks for the super fast shipping, right parts shipped, and cool poster with ... read more

        Chad Helena, MT

      • I received my parcel this morning 10.00am Monday morning, doesn抰 get much better than that, thanks ... read more

        Regards, Troy from Australia

      • Received my order in short order and it worked great..........Thanks, You guys are great.

        Phil Zito

      • I just got a packages from you. All perfect. Thank you very much. You have +1 regular customer from ... read more

        Best regards, Alexey

      • Mary package arrived today. Very pleased with the quality of the parts and the prompt delivery.

        Ken from Australia.

      • Good Morning Manny. Just wanted to let you know the shipment was received yesterday. I appreciate ... read more

        Sandra Latimer

      • I don't believe it, my 76fj40 was leaning to the driverside a lot and it seemed worse after a ... read more

        Charles Rogers

      • I'd like to thank you for all your support and assistance in helping build the suspension of my ... read more

        JC Mosquera

      • Just to follow up: UPS delivered the seat covers on Friday. And you are right: Oscar is really ... read more

        R Evers

      • Dear Cool Cruisers, I just have to say your Customer support on this issue was Awesome! Y抋ll are ... read more

        Jim Wolff

      • Manny, I want to thank you & staff for the 3/4 tub arriving intact & undamaged! A real nice job! ... read more


      • Hey Manny, Got the tub and it is awesome! thanks


      • Mary Beth, Please pass on my appreciation to all involved in the purchase, distribution and ... read more

      • My goods arrived today which is 2 days earlier than the scheduled time. Upon opening the packages I ... read more

        Ken White, Australia

      • Dear Mary Beth,

        This is to let you know that I have received both boxes and also that I am very pleased with all the items you have supplied me.Thank you for all your kind assistance. Best regards Chanaka, Sri Lanka

      • I wanted to send a Thank You to Manny and Mary Beth at Cool Crusiers of Texas for all the support ... read more

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